Amoarte Sofi Gallery and AAIE Gallery



PicassoDefi Project

Stand D04 at the international fair

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong From May 16th to 19th, 2024

Opening reception in Rome at AAIE Center for

Contemporary Art

From April 5th to 20th, 2024 – Via Sermide 7 – 00182 Rome

Preface and critical texts by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo


Magnifica is a selection of artists, predominantly Italian, but also from other countries around the world, aiming to highlight a broad, eclectic perspective on contemporary painting. It focuses on chromatic and formal exploration, careful not to succumb to fleeting trends, but to express a modern concept of quality and fantastical, imaginary preciousness. Quality is synonymous with endurance, reflection, and a desire to contribute to the beauty of life, in harmony with the infinite variations of the sublime, expressed as a feeling of boundlessness in contrast to human beauty. From this arises the visual relaxation of originality, which seeks to align with the new, with the different, in the sense of expanding the humanity in all of us, finding in art the synthesis of formal novelty and suggestive content. We are, therefore, in the company of artists for whom experimentation is a poetic and technical meditation, advancing in the path of learning to see, which is the rich, emotional, sentimental way of pure and simple seeing. It's an art that educates in its devotion to forms of expression, for their unheard musicality, for their intangible physicality, capable of captivating, of enchanting. A selection that finds its secret engine in diversity, in strong individuality, which is not just figurative or abstract, ornamental or geometric, but all of these things combined in a stylistic eclecticism, surpassing the excluding fervor of historical artistic avant-gardes, which were based on absolute novelty, excluding any diversity, but rather embracing inclusivity, in the awareness of the necessity of diverse forms and tones, where each contributes and all form a great chorus, on the wings of golden invention.

Creating Value

It is a long-term strategic agreement aimed at enhancing a vast international artistic, creative, and aesthetic environment, to which Amoarte Sofi Gallery and AAIE Gallery contribute equally. It originates from different horizons but with the common goal of promoting Chinese and Italian artists primarily, without closing doors to other nationalities, themes, or affiliations to figurative and abstract art. CREATING VALUE has a cultural vision of seeking quality in any form and manner, in the name of a free imagination with the horizon of the beautiful and the sublime.

Amoarte Sofi Gallery is a gallery based in Bergamo, a comprehensive artistic and cultural enterprise that carefully follows the production work of the artists it represents, with meticulous and punctual care in selecting individual works that must have characteristics of excellence even in the materials used.

AAIE Gallery is a gallery based in Rome, managing an activity of exhibitions and presentations, not only of artists linked to the structure but open to proposals from all over Italy and China, promoting a knowledge that enriches everyone.


Donglai Meng

Salvatore Pupillo

Rocco Salvia

Gian Carlo Ciccozzi

Xintong Gao


Gabriel Lass

Stefano Turrini

Angelo Barone

Off-catalog artists

Nutty Trapanig

Michele Valenza

Special thanks to art dealer Raffaele Tortorella, CEO of Consulting art srl, unique investor of the PicassoDefi Project, who strongly wanted to present, after New York, his PicassoDefi Project in partnership between his Amoarte Sofi Gallery in Bergamo and AAIE art contemporary gallery in Rome.

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